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What are the Benefits to various stakeholders ?
Benefit to the General Public ?
They can get everything under one umberalla , be it Interior Designer , Architect, Plumber, Electrician , Mason, carpenter located in their own area with complete contact details and recommendation of constructionwale as well as from the users. They can also search and order online, the required products which they might have seen in the exhibitions but now not available in their city. They also may search the shop of a particular item and check whether it is available or not rather then visiting it.
Traders and contractors wanting to sell products or services to the prospective clients may do so and expand their business as they will be visible to entire industry. They can also compare the prices prevailing in the market.
Entrepreneurs / Promoters / Firms / companies / Govt Departments having any kind of business relationship or in any way connected to construction industry or building material industry, will be visible to the prospective clients and vendors to display their products for the target customers and Key influences.
Professionals working with these firms / companies at any level will be able to get the contact details of the key influencers , Decision makers of their target firms / Department, Distribution channel , colleagues. They can also reach out to their target customers.
Individuals ( having expertise and experience in some specialized field related to construction industry) either working or Free Lancer will be exposed to the entire industry. It could be free or on Paid basis depending on mutual discussion .
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