• Registration Guidelines
To make it specific , the whole portal has been divided into categories and sub categories for each section so that only relevant information is sought and shown to the visitors. Let us take an example of Registration, here visitor has to decide his category and sub category first, before going forward to furnish further details, this is done to serve the business purpose. Those wanting to register their firms/companies should Register in Business and chose category like Architects, Builders , Consultants , Contractors, Manufacturers of products etc and then select the sub category they belong to. Those working in these firms or companies, should register in Industry professionals. Govt organisations also should register in their respective categories and sub categories so that any one, trying to find out their details, gets it easily.
Those who want to register their Firms / company to show their products & services , should register in companies section by selecting respective categories and sub categories they belong to, and complete the details for better visibility. Once their account is created , then they can upload their tenders , slow moving stocks products to sell . They can even share their knowledge in the respective field for the benefit of others.
Similarly those who are working in the construction or Building material Industry may register in the Industry Professionals module by selecting their respective category and sub category. They will also be able to upload their tenders, non moving stocks , & products to sell. Further they can see the details & find out the main architects , builders, consultants , in a particular city or area.
Traders ( Dealers & Distributors ) of Different companies should register in (Business/ company ) section and then select the sub category ( field or type) of products they are selling.
Contractors need to register in Business / company section as they are having their own firms and are actually the owners of the business and then select their sub categories like what kind of contractors they are ( Plumbing, civil, electric etc )
Those who consider themselves as an industry expert in a particular field or function, may register in the industry experts module by selecting their respective category and sub category and may provide paid advice to the construction , building material industry.
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